Ardyss Recognition

Top Preferred Customer Sales

Period: October 2017

Congratulations to the best distributors who are sharing with customers the opportunity to buy the best products with great benefits. Remember the key of the business is have business customers as well as distributors!

Top Preferred Customer Sales

1. Cynthia Cox
2. Delores Lee
3. Janette E. Chin
4. Esther Withlene Cooper
5. Deborah Smith
6. Ruth T. Gardner
7. Karen E. Whiting’Diggs
8. Seblewengle Ramsey Haile
9. Katherina Newry
10. Constance Kanaway
11. Reggie & Victoria Flanigan
12. Edith W. Byrd
13. Latora D. Byrd
14. Saundra Alexander
15. Alexis Chatman
16. Candida Mosley
17. Paulette Carter
18. Elsie Allen
19. Joyce E. Voorhees
20. Johnny Brooks
21. Cecilia Cardenas
22. Patricia Foster
23. Laverne Jackson
24. Nia Owens
25. Tina Ebe