Our project

Objective, concepts and rules


Ardyss is an integral business where all its distributors have the tools to positively impact their lives and the people around them. On top of all this, the founders rely on their initiative called “Admirable Team.” This project invites those distributors who want to belong to an optional team where the commitment and values request the performance and benefits of the members. This together generates a greater impact on the lives of families.

Be a part of our Remarkable Team!

10 Commandments of the Remarkable Team

  • We represent the Ardyss Opportunity in a very professional and ethical manner with every person who we talk to about us.
  • Each person we add to Ardyss, we give it our best to guide them and help them achieve success.
  • We treat other distributors with respect and we greatly appreciate them being part of the company.
  • We treat each prospect or customer with honesty.
  • We respect those distributors already enrolled and we do not deceive or persuade them fraudulently to join in another organization.
  • We do not exaggerate or lie about our products or the financial opportunity Ardyss offers.
  • We respect, help and guide all people regardless of whether or not they are part of our organization because tomorrow we hope they do the same for us.
  • We treat all Ardyss’ employees with respect.
  • We avoid and stop all gossip. Gossip only grows, if we allow ourselves to listen.
  • In general, each distributor represents a part of the company, so their behavior, positive or negative, affects the organization as a whole. Each of us pledge to represent Ardyss as a company people admire, feel as its own and live with that same passion with which was initially founded.

Success is built with small activities throughout a long period of time

Ardyss’ business aims towards generating a better financial situation for its distributors buy building a business that provides freedom in time and money.

In order to achieve this goal, team building is a key component. The members of the Remarkable Team are suggested to lead by example with those basic business activities which will help you achieve the desired goals.

Basic Growth Activities

  1. Conduct your personal purchase between the 1st and the 15th of the month to qualify for commissions.
  2. Sponsor at least one person each month.
  3. Create presentations and teach how to sell the product as well as the opportunity offered.
  4. Attend the events of your group and corporate.
  5. Connect to the education system – Connect Ardyss.